Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ampache Mobile 0.9.6

This new version brings dashboard controls.  I missed the blog post for 0.9.5 it was a minor update with no major features added to the app.


Version 0.9.6 (05/29/2010)

New Features
  • Dashboard
    • Displays current track, art and buffering info
    • Previous, Play, Pause and Next
    • Tap art or song info to return to app
    • Controls available from locked screen
    • Configurable in settings
  • Button to close release notes
  • Saved search now a button on the header in the search screen
Bug Fixes
  • Filtering songs and albums lists caused text overlap
  • Stall detection tweaked further, less false positives


  1. I have this app *mostly* working on my Pre Plus. However the next track, previous track buttons do not seem to work, nor does any attempt to switch tracks in a playlist once playback has started. I do notice that the Now Playing window always says "Downloading 0%" and "Buffer Ahead Not Used". Any suggestions?

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  3. Tank you for an amazing product. Do you have plans to add more features down the line?