Monday, May 3, 2010

Ampache Mobile 0.9.4

The main feature new to this version is Stored Searches.  This allows you to save your most commonly search for items, for quick access. 


Example: New Music (Since Mar 1, 2010 )

 ampachemobile_2010-03-05_120458 ampachemobile_2010-03-05_120500

New Features 

  • Stored Searches
    • Save your favorite searches for quick access to your music.
    • Tap and Hold Search from the main menu for quick access.
    • Searches are stored per account.
    • Some searches can be date limited. Including Artists, Albums and Songs
    • Tap Icon to Edit, Swipe to Delete, Hold to Reorder
  • Video Search, added video search to search options.
  • Added a “No items Found” message for empty search results.
Bug Fixes
  • Type to search in video scene broken.
  • Banner notifications didn't show up when in app but away from now playing screen.
  • Extended stall detection timer to 30 secs, was 20
  • On/Off preferences weren't being saved correctly
  • Paused now playing didn't show current time

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