Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ampache Mobile 0.9.0


Note: I've switched to using the Palm App Catalog to distribute Ampache Mobile, mostly because I want to win some money. The application can now be installed by clicking this link from your phone... Install

New Features

Buffer Ahead!

  • Configurable from 1 to 5 songs
  • Near gapless playback, provided you have enough bandwidth.
  • This is true buffer ahead, using system RAM.
  • Intelligent buffer selection, attempts to provide seamless playback with no downloading break between tracks.
  • Many workarounds for bugs in webOS, don't think many people have attempted to use webOS in this way.
  • Auto Detection of changes in network coverage and buffer stalls
  • Auto Detection of buffers lost due to device sleep
  • I've done my best to make this stable without transcoding, but it really shines when you enable it with transcoding.
  • Settings in the Accounts Settings Page
  • Updated the error reporting to follow the new audio API

Artists and Albums List Caching

  • Saves a local copy of your entire albums and artists lists, load times are ridiculous!
  • Auto detects when a change to your server occurs and re-saves the lists. Note: if you have auto scanning enabled on your server this will cause the list to re-download after every scan.
  • Only applies to full Albums and Artist lists, everything else still goes against the server.
  • Updated account editor to reflect how many saved items you have

New Icon and Splash Screen

icon-64Lets face it, the old icon is kind of ugly. Thankfully forum contributor Globex has stepped up and volunteered his services and designed a new one along with anew splash screen!

It still pays homage to the people at the Ampache project, aka it features their squirrel logo but I hope you agree with me, it looks a lot better on the phone.

So a big thanks to Globex Designs, Inc. for the new icon and splash screen. splash


  • Figured out how to use the Shift and Sym Keys, updated the controls popup with changes.
  • Lowered the search character limit to 2.
  • Redesign of the Accounts Editor page to accommodate all the new options.
  • Added a whole more shuffle to the playlist shuffle.
  • Changed repeat list once to repeat song.
  • Banner notifications where they felt right.
  • Shuffling a list now displays the list in the order playback will occur.
  • Banner Notifications of new songs when you are looking at another app. Will not wake up screen if its asleep.
  • Go straight to songs view from artists if there is only one album

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed date selector CSS so its no longer black on black with palm-dark
  • Added work around for %20 (spaces) in song URL issue. If you have been having trouble streaming enable it in the Account Editor

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