Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ampache Mobile 0.8.5

This release adds a couple features that I’m sure will make people happy.  More UI customization and Recent Music Additions.  The recent additions allows you to easily find music you’ve recently added to your server.  I don’t know why I didn’t add this earlier its easily my favorite way to load music quickly.  Other than that this version is mostly cleanup, bug fixes and optimizations.


New Features

  • Search Recent Additions to Ampache ampachemobile_2010-24-03_003711
    • Find Artists, Albums and Songs recently added to your server 
    • Choices include: Last Update, 1 Week, 1 Month, Custom Date
    • Tap and hold from main menu for quick access, time span configurable in preferences
    • NOTE: This is the date files where scanned into your server, not the timestamps on the files. It will be most useful for servers that have been running awhile and have had music added periodically.
  • Theme and Text Configuration


    • Customizations preview in preferences
    • Selection of text color
    • Selection of theme, current options: none and palm-dark
  • Keyboard Commands

    • Type to Search
      • Just start typing while on the main screen and a search will start.
      • Default search type is denoted with an enter image, configurable in preferences
      • Tap Delete twice to exit
    • Now Playing Screen
      • Previous Track: @ (Left of space bar)
      • Next Track: Period (Right of space bar)
      • Skip 15 second ahead: P (Upper Right Key)
      • Skip 15 second back: Q (Upper Left Key)
      • Toggle Play/Pause: Space Bar
      • Toggle Shuffle Mode: S
      • Toggle Repeat Mode: R
      • Toggle View: V ampachemobile_2010-24-03_003841
    • Global Commands
      • Note: Hold finger in gesture area for Meta
      • Meta + P: Preferences
      • Meta + D: Delete Now Playing
      • Meta + N: Goto Now Playing
      • Meta + [Space]: Play/Pause
  • Improving User Experience
    • Release Notes
    • Help Page
    • Keyboard Commands Popup ampachemobile_2010-24-03_003726


  • Tap and hold an Artist to skip the albums screen and go straight to all songs.
  • Many optimizations to Now Playing screen, should improve performance
  • Numerous formatting fixes
  • Release Notes Link in About
  • Added time countdown to now playing playlist.
  • Added new icons to various scenes: Connection, Preferences, Accounts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused buttons to not work correctly while a song was loading on the now playing screen.
  • Update to Now Playing button so it clearly shows its been pressed (turns blue).
  • Alpha Divider rendering incorrectly
  • Hold single song to play/enqueue, broke with jslint changes.
  • Enqueueing the same song more than once broke the playlist.
  • Date in "About.." was incorrect.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ampache Mobile 0.8.0

The big addition to 0.8.0 is a playlist viewer.  With the start of some editing functionality, eventually it will allow you to build, edit and save playlists on your server.

Version 0.8.0 (Beta) (03/14/2010)

NOTE: New application name space, no longer using com.palm.ampachemobile, the API is mature enough to move to com.ampachemobile. This means 0.7.0 and 0.8.0 can coexist. Transfer account settings and delete old app.

  • New Feature: Playlist view added to now playing screen.ampachemobile_2010-14-03_233206
    • Application saves last view state between sessions
    • Swipe to delete


    • Drag to reorder ampachemobile_2010-14-03_232342
    • Buffer and playback indicators  
    • Tap Header to toggle view
    • Coming with Ampache 3.6, ability to save a now playing list to the server
  • New Feature: Added configuration for auto stall recovery, per account. Default:Off
    • Turn this off if you are having issues with songs restarting
  • New Feature: List Jump: tap the header on a page with dividers to bring up a Selector to jump down in the list. No more scrolling forever.ampachemobile_2010-14-03_233130
    • Currently on Artists and Albums Lists
    • Long lists can take awhile to populate the drop down, be patient
  • New Feature: New splash screen when app starts ampachemobile_2010-14-03_234433
  • New Feature: Volume Keys: instructs webOS that the application wants music volume, allows changing of music volume prior to starting playback of music
  • Improvement: Added drag to reorder accounts in preferences screen.
  • Improvement: Requests which result in no information from the server now display a useful message allow the user to retry the request. Formerly these messages were mistaken as Unicode errors.
  • Improvement: Request confirmation for preferences screen when playing music
  • Improvement: About... now shows server information


  • Bug Fix: Downloading indicators broke with webOS 1.4
  • Bug Fix: Simplified AudioPlayer class due to improvements made in webOS media handling
  • Bug Fix: Fixed alpha divider in artists view.
  • Known Bug: Ampache 3.5.4 broke stream all songs. Requested fix, slated for Ampache 3.6. Added error message.