Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ampache Mobile 0.7.0

I'm really excited about this release. Hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

Version 0.7.0 (Beta)

  • New Feature: Now Playing
    • Any list of songs can be enqueued onto the end of the current playlist
    • Tap and Hold a song to add just that song
    • Delete the now playing list from any scene
    • TODO: Build a playlist editor to remove items from a list



    • New Feature: Random Music 
      • Shuffle all Songs NOTE: This is using an documented method from the Ampache Server and does not allow for retrieval of song information.
      • Random Album Selector cover-flow like to allow random browsing
      • Artist, Albums, Songs of the moment lists


    • New Feature: Redesign of progress indicator for loading content, works the same as the web browser and you can cancel while loading at any point.
    • New Feature: Added the ability to e-mail the xml from problem tracks with corrupted tags to enable easier debug
    • Improvement: Auto restart stalled stream after 20 seconds of stalled state.
    • Improvement: Optimized all images included in the ipk making for a much smaller download.
      • NOTE: If you are using the included backgrounds you will need to reset
        your settings.
    • Improvement: Modified all icons to have the same look and feel.
    • Improvement: Spinner on now playing scene is now in the command menu and not covering up the cover art.
    • Improvement: Made restarting a partially downloaded list optional, button click continues download
    • Improvement: Removed all scene transitions makes the app much faster
    • Improvement: Fixed the buffering indicator
      • Can now move the slider outside the buffered part of a song and it will start the download from the point you dropped
      • If the start of the buffer has been deleted by the audio service it will now be displayed
      • Fixed the issue where it would resize itself and make the now playing screen jump around
    • Bug Fix: Added code to remove bad characters resulting in "Unicode error" on the application side

    Announcing the Ampache Mobile Blog

    I'm a huge consumer of RSS feeds so I thought I'd create my own to let people know about news concerning Ampache Mobile and it's development.

    I plan on announcing releases here as well as other fun stuff regarding Ampache and streaming music.